JTAG Testing and In-System Programming Products

This overview provides a brief description of the boundary-scan software and hardware products available from Corelis and can be used by The Value Added supplier LCX.

Test & Programming Software

Corelis/LCX ScanExpress software offers you a fully integrated development environment that includes Test Program Generation and Execution, In-System Programming, and productivity enhancing utilities.

Boundary-Scan (JTAG) Controllers

Corelis/LCX controllers are compatible with busses such as PCI, PXI/PCI, USB 2.0, LAN, PC Card, PIO, ISA, VME, and VXI, Most of the boundary-scan controllers operate at 80MHz sustained TCK frequency.

Corelis/LCX ScanExpress enables concurĀ¬rent (gang) boards testing and in-system programming of CPLDs and Flash devices for up to thousands of boards using a single PC and a single operator.

Boundary-Scan I/O Modules

Corelis/LCX SCANIO family of I/O modules, add control and visibility to connectors, traces, and logic that otherwise can not be tested using traditional JTAG techniques.

Third party applications can execute boundary-scan tests and program in-system flash memories and CPLDs using DLLs or a command line interface.

Corelis/LCX provides its customers with the means to reuse the boundary-scan test vectors and programming files created with the ScanPlus on In-Circuit testers and Flying Probes from various manufacturers.